A lot of people feel afraid or not comfortable when they know that their handwriting can reveal a lot about themselves. They become more uncomfortable when they find out that there are people who are being trained to analyse handwritings (the handwriting analysts) and determine the writer’s personality.

The truth is that people are afraid to know what their weaknesses are and they are even more afraid that other people will know about their past that they want to hide.

These people do not understand the advantage of knowing about their weaknesses that is they could do something about it, make improvement and become better people. Another thing that they do not understand is that handwriting analysis is a science that has been researched and it relates with human characters and it is not some hocus-pocus that could tell about their past or predict about their future.

When you understand about yourself better, you would be able to make improvements and become a better person. For example, your handwriting shows that you like to put off doing things (sometimes you already know that you like to put off doing things only that you do not want to admit it) therefore with this knowledge or confirmation, you would start to take actions to eliminate this habit. As long as you believe, stay determined and persistent; you would be able to eliminate this habit.

Let’s take another example. You realize that people would walk away when you join a conversation or people would avoid meeting you and you do not know the reason why. When you look at your handwriting, it shows that you are a sarcastic and a short-tempered person. In other words what you say that you think is a joke could actually cut through people’s heart and small things could easily make you angry.

You might not realize this and other people would not dare to say anything, as they would fear that you might explode. Therefore by looking at your handwriting you now understand why people are avoiding you. By understanding this you could start to improve yourself by starting to watch the words you say, be more diplomatic and learn to take a deep breath when you feel your blood start to boil. With a lot of practice, observations and learning you would be able to improve yourself and improve your relationship with others.

Handwriting analysis could also help you understand the people around you especially the people you love. For example, a teacher informs you that your 12-years old has difficulty understanding what is being taught in school and you know that deep in your heart that your child is bright. When you see your child’s handwriting, you realise that your child’s thinking pattern is to learn things step-by-step and when given the opportunity to do it on his own; he would be able to understand better. And when he understands things, he could formulate new things from them and would remember them for a very long time.

Therefore with this understanding you would be able to take the necessary action either to explain your child’s situation to his teacher or start to teach you child step by step so that he could understand better and improve himself. As you can see from the above, it is better to know something whether it is strength or weakness so that we could make improvements.

Like the saying goes “It is better for us to know something and we could do something about it than not knowing anything and not able to something about it.”