When a woman discovers that she has been the victim of infidelity, she goes through the pain of deceit and, in addition, through the loss of her self-love. What to do when you discover a deception? Read this. When a woman discovers that she has been the victim of infidelity, she not only goes through the pain of deceit but also because of the loss of her self-esteem, because she does not understand the reasons why her husband, the person she loves and who is supposed to be He loves her, he has deceived her. What she does is that she dreams and assumes things like, what would he be doing, will the secretary be there with the glass office partitions or not, will he be texting someone etc!

Dreaming is something supernatural that happens to all people, right? But generally when you wake up after having dreamed of something that is not so comfortable there are many people who can take it for granted and feel a little confused if that episode they lived while they were sleeping is a reality. It has happened to many women who dream that their partner is unfaithful and this causes them great uneasiness because they would like to know what it means when they experience that episode; that’s why here we tell you a little about this topic and what you could do so that there is no problem between you and your boy, take note

Is it very common for you to dream about this kind of thing? Although you might believe that you are one of the few people who dream of this, you’re wrong! Dreaming that your partner is unfaithful is a fairly recurrent dream; in fact, it happens much more to women than to men. Now, it is important that you take into account the following: if it is an isolated case (that is, it only happened once and never repeated again) then you have nothing to worry about! Your relationship will continue to march smoothly. In the event that it is a repeated dream (this means that you dream about three to five times a month) then, you might be projecting some facts from your past relationships about this situation; that is, you have to work on the issue of trust in your partner and in yourself.

But what does it mean to have this kind of dream?

Regardless of the frequency of sleep, you will surely want to know what it means to have this type of episodes while you sleep; there are those who consider it premonitory, but do not stress! This rarely happens that way; the one you dream about does not mean that your partner is going to paint the horn.

What it does mean is that there is some kind of distancing between the two of you; that there are really things that you want to fix with your partner but that you have not taken the initiative to be able to solve it and that is why you are projecting it into a dream, because it lives there: in your unconscious. Another super important issue also depends on how you know about your partner’s infidelity because the meaning of distancing applies when you know that you are unfaithful, but in the dream, you do not see him doing something with another person.

We hope it is not your case and that you never see yourself in a similar situation. But, considering that discovering yourself a victim of infidelity is a situation in which you do not know how to proceed, we leave you things that you should do when you discover that your husband has cheated on you.

  1. Be calm and breathe deeply

You must be calm to think things through. Nothing you do while under the influence of pain or anger will work out well since you will make decisions that you can later regret.

  1. Control your emotions

Show temperamental to your husband, the only thing that will cause is that you look bad and he will give you a reason to justify his infidelity, and even throw it in your face. Relax your mood as much as you can to a level that is tolerable.

  1. Never forget that you are the wife

This means that you must give yourself your place and not put yourself on the same level with the woman with whom you are cheating. Remember that first of all you have matrimonial rights and he must admit to the law.

  1. Faces the situation

Now is the right time to choose the path to take. If you choose to leave your partner, then act in a respectful way. Make your feeling clear, let him know that you know about his deception and go your way trying to find the right help to overcome infidelity. If instead, you have decided to save your marriage, then you can proceed as follows:

  1. Do not focus on the person you cheated on

Focus more on your partner, to reconquer him. Think about the reason that led you to be unfaithful or ask for greater certainty of the situation. Remember that the currency always has two faces and, in general, you do not know the perspective of the other.

  1. Concentrate on yourself

Do a retrospective of your marriage, if you discover that you have not acted in a sensible way, it is more, if you feel that you are partly guilty of your infidelity, then it is time to do something to get it back.

  1. Do not fight with your partner

Instead, try to reconquer it starting from the most basic in a relationship and dealing with the basic needs of a marriage since that can be the deterioration of it. This is the moment to rekindle the passion and marital intimacy. But in the case that you see it with your own eyes in the dream, it is a sign of good omen! This means that there is a stage of happiness, stability and strength within the couple, paradoxical as it may seem, that means when you see your partner with another person inside the glass office partitions!

What can you do if there is the distance between you? It’s very easy, just work on that! If you have something to say to your partner, ask them to talk and they can reach an agreement so that there is no such distance between you. Here the key is that communication flows, if you carry out these actions, and do not focus on either your partner is having the glass office partitions and that something is fishy, you will realize that the dreams of your partner being unfaithful will diminish significantly, assured!